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Dahntahn Youngstahn at night.

Youngstahn is a city in Ahia, an da seat o Mahoning Cahnny. In da 2010 census, Youngstahn had 66,982 people, makin it da 9th biggest city in Ahia. Youngstahn is da ancher o da Youngstahn-Warren-Boardman, OH-PA Metropolitan Statistical Area, wit a population o 565,773; dis makes it da 105th-biggest metropolitan area in da United States, an da 7th-biggest in Ahia.

Youngstahn is on da Mahoning River, abaht 65 mile sahtheast o Cleveland an 61 mile northeast o Picksburg. Despite havin its own media market, Youngstahn is affen included in commercial an cultural depictions o both Northeast Ahia an Western Pennsyvania. Youngstahn is also da midway point betwinkst New York City an Chicago via Innerstate 80.

Da city was named fer John Young, an early settler from Whitestahn, New York, who started da city's first sawmill an gristmill. Youngstahn is a midwestern city, fallin witin a region o America offen cawed da Rust Belt. Traditionally known as a cenner o still production, Youngstahn was forced ta redefine itself when da U.S. still industry fell inta decline in da 1970s, leavin communities thruaht da region witaht major industry. Da city has experienced a decline o over 60% o its population since 1959.