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Welcome ta da Picksburgese Wiki
A collaborative encyclopedia written in Picksburgese.
Saturdy, April 17, 2021

We gawt 59 articles right nah

Star of life globe.svgApplied sciences
Architecture - Communication - Engineerin - Farmin - Lectrics - Medicine

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Education - Geawgraphy - History - Languag - Phalawsophy - Psychawlogy - Sociawlogy

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Art - Book - Cookin - Culture - Dance - Games - Filums - Music - Sports - TV

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Astrawnomy - Biawlogy - Chemistry - Computer science - Mathematics - Physics

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Government - Human rights - Law - Military - Pawlitics

Flag of Pittsburgh.pngPicksburg
Picksburg - Picksburgese - Neighborhoods o Picksburg - Famous Yinzers

Flag of Pennsylvania.svgPennsyvania

Flag of Ohio.svgAhia

Article o da week
Fred Rogers and Tatiana Vedeneyeva on Set of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (cropped 2).jpg

Fred Rawgers was an American TV host, author, producer, an Presbyterian minister. 'E was da maker, runner, an host o da preschull TV series Mister Rawgers' Neighborhood, dat ran frum 1968 ta 2001.

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