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Christmas is one o da most well known Christian hawlidays. It takes place on December 25t evry year, da date assumed ta be Jesus' birth. In Eastern Orthodox churches, it's celebrated on January 6t or 7t.

Da traditional Christmas narrative from da New Testamint is dat Jesus was born in Bethlehem. When Mary an Joseph went ta da tahn, da inn didn't have any rooms. Dey got a stable instead, an dat's where Jesus was born. Den, da shepherds an angels who were dere went aht an spread da word.

Awdoe da month an day o Jesus' birth isn't known, da church picked December 25t as da in da early 4t century. Dis matches da date o da winner solstice on da Roman calendar. Most Christians celebrate on December 25t in da Gregorian calendar. However, some Eastern Orthodox churches celebrate Christmas on January 7t, becuz dat's December 25t on da old Julian calendars.