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    Map o the Wearside Urban Area shaain subdivisions an local authority boondaries

    Wearside is a coburnation i North East Ingland at's centred aroond the continuous urban area o Sunderlan bi the Rivor Wear.

    The urban area includes the nearby muckle toons o Washington, Chester-le-Street, an Howton-le-Spring, an the mony smaaer settlements at forms pairt ont an aa, sic as Whitburn, Hetton-le-Hole, Bournmoor, Sooth Hetton, Springwell, Ouston an Pelton. Wearside is situateet i byeth the metropolitan coonty o Tyne an Wear an the ceremonial coonty o Durham. Aa o Wearside is situateet i the historic coonty o Durham, myestly iv Easington Ward but win a muckle pairt i Chester Ward an aa. Myest o the Wearside areas is ben the metropolitan borough o the City o Sunderlan, at hed a population o 280,807 in 2001. The hyell o Wearside hed a population o 335,415 i 2011. Thegither wi Tyneside, Sooth East Northummerlan, an East Durham, it forms the Tyneside-Wearside metropolitan area. Foaks i Wearside taaks the Wearside dialect o Northumbrian at's canny different frae the dialects o Tyneside.


    The syem as ither pairts o the North East, Wearside an Sudnerlan wis economically structured bi the primary an secondary sector o the economy ont; win a muckle feck o the economy the lippent on the ship biggin at Sunderlan Docks an coal minin wi muckle collieries sic as Monkwearmooth Colliery, at declined rapidly durin the mid 20t century, mony areas hes lang been deprived wi vast areas ov unemployment. The city o Sunderlan an pairts o Wearside hes been slaaly rejuvenated ower the ear an industry is noo myenly based aroond caa centres, aatho mony areas sic as Easington still fyeces mony social problems the day.