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Thi Tyneside dialect, mair offins ken'd as Geordie, is the myest kenspeckle dialect o Northumbrian. Acas thi fyem ont, muckle nummer o taakers, an collection o 19t century literatur, thi Tyneside dialeck sarras as thi de facto standard o thi Northumbrian lenguiche.


  • Afore thi Battle o Wattorloo he sent for me. "Ned," he ses, "tyek yor twenty-fower cheps," he says, "an gan up an shift them Frenchmen off thi top o yon hill" "Aalreet," ses A, "but it winnit tyek aall thi twenty-fower," A ses.

Laird's Prayer[edit]

Wor fatthor in hivvin,
Holy is yor nyem.
Yor kingdom cum,
Yor will be deun on orth,
Thi syem as in hivvin.
Giv wu Yor breed thi day,
An forgive wu wor sins,
As wu forgive thi wrangs
Ithers dee agyen wu.
Divvent let wu be tempted,
An free wu frae evil.