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    Map o thi Tyneside Bigged-Up Area wi subdivisions
    Tyneside is a conurbation myed up o thi urban areas on byeth banks o thi Rivor Tyne i North East Ingland. Centred on Newcassel upon Tyne, it incorporates toons sic as Gyetsid, Tinmooth, Waallsend, Sooth Shields, an Jarra an aa. Thi population of Tyneside as published i thi 2011 census wis 774,891, myekin it thi eitt myest-populous urban area i thi hyell o thi Uniteet Kingdom. I 2013, thi estimateet population wis 832,469 an sin-syne hes significantly increased. Tyneside is consithered ti be thi core conurbation o thi Tyneside-Wearside metropolitan area.