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Tyne and Wear (Template:IPAc-en) is a metropolitan and ceremonial county in North East England.

The coonty wes created i 1974 frae sootheast Northumberland and northeast County Durham, and wes govrened biv a coonty cooncil and five metropolitan boroughs: Gatesheed, Newcastle upon Tyne, Sunderland, North Tyneside and Sooth Tyneside. The county council wes abolisht i 1986, and the coonty is noo govrened bi the five borough cooncils. There is twe combined authorities coverin pairts o the coonty, North o Tyne and North East.

The coonty is heavily urbanised, wiv a population o 1.14 million in 2021. The cities o Newcastle (300,125) and Sunderland (170,134) is the lairgest sattlements, follaed bi Gatesheed (120,046). Aamaist aa o the coonty's sattlements belangs tiv owther the Tyneside or Wearside conurbations, wi the latter extendin inte ceremonial Coonty Durham.

The maist notable geographic features o the coonty is the River Tyne and River Wear, that the coonty is named efter and its major sattlements grew alang. The county is notable for its coastline te the North Sea i the east an aa, at is characterised bi taa limestane cliffs and wide beaches. It is bordered bi Northumberland te the north and Coonty Durham te the sooth; the boondary o the historic coonties runs alang the Tyne.