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A sling arra. Tyek note o the nick cutten intid.

A sling arra is an arra wiv a smaa nick cutten intid 'at's hoyed wiv a lenth o string. It is ken'd as the Yorkshire arra, Dutch arra, or Swiss arra forby. The amentum an the atlatl is sic-like tid an aa.


Sling arras is myest offins myed 'at hyem. The arra shaft is elwis myed oot o wud. A slit is cutten inte yen end an fleets is putten intid, an the t'other end is gien a point or arra heed. The varra important nick or sclate grove is cutten inte the end on't te haud the fleets. Efter the fleets hes been putten intid, the open end o the slit is gar'd shut wi string or a rubber band for te stop the fleets frae faain oot.

Graithin an hoyin[edit]

Te graith the sling arra, the thrawer uses a lenth o string 'at is langer nor the arra itsel. A knot is myed i yen end o the string, an this is putten inte the nick or grove i the arra shaft. The laive o the string is then wunden aroond the shaft yen time. Neest, it is putten ower an abuin the knot afore bein strecked doon te the arra heed. The string is gar'd nippyte myek the knot bide i the nick weel eneugh. The laive o the string is wunden aroond the thrawer's thrawin hand. The thrawin hand wi the string wunden aroond sud haud onte the arra heed se the thrawer can gripe the end on't.

Te thraw the sling arra, the arra is forst hauden ahint the thrawer wi the string kept nippy. Neest, thrawer hoys the arra like a javellin but disn't let gan o the string. The string itsel gies mair momentum tid an gars the arra hit wi mair pooer. The arra can gan for 50m when hoyed.