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A sling arra. Tyek note o thi nick cutten intid.

A sling arra is a kyn ov arra win a smaał nick cutten intid at's hoyed win a lenth o string. It is ken'd as thi Yorkshire arra, Dutch arra, or Swiss arra forby. Siccan like weapons includes thi amentum an thi atlatl.


Sling arras is myest offins myed at hyem. Thi arra shaft is aaweys myed oot o wud. A slit is cutten inti yen end an fleets is putten intid, an thi t'ither end is geen a point or arra heed. Thi varra important nick or sclate grove is cutten inti thi shaft doonby thi fleets. Efter thi fleets is inserteet, thi oppen end o thi slit is gart shut wi string or a rubber band ti prevent thi fleets faan oot.

Graithin an hoyin[edit]

For ti graith thi sling arra, thi thraaer uses a lenth o string at's langer nor thi arra itsel. A knot is teed at yen end o thi string, an this is putten inti thi nick or grove i thi arra shaft. Thi laive o thi string is then wunnen aroond thi shaft yen time, an is gart ti gan ower an abeun thi knot afore bein strecked doon ti thi arra heed. Thi string is gart nippy ti myek sure that thi end wi thi knot bides i thi nick, an thi laive is wunnen aroond thi thraaer's thraain han. Thi thraain han wi thi string wunnen aroond it sud be anear thi arra heed see thi thraaer can gripe thi end ont.

For ti thraa thi sling arra, thi arra is hadden ahint thi thraaer wi thi string kept nippy. Thi thraaer then hoys thi arra like a javellin while keepin ahad o thi string. Thi string gies extra momentum ti thi arra an myeks it flee wi mair pooer. Thi arra can gan 50m when hoyed.