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    Scots is a West Germanic language o the Anglic variety that's spoken o the Lawlands o Scotland an pairts o Ulster in Ireland (where it's knawn as "Ulster-Scots", "Scotch", or "Ullans"). I myest airts, it is spoken anent English.

    Up te the 15th century Scottis wes the nyem o the Gaelic, the Celtic language o the ancient Scots. Them that tawk'd Scots caad the Gaelic Erse (mainin Irish). The Gaalic o Scotland is noo myestly caa'd the Scots Gaelic an is spoken the day bi sum foaks i the Heelands an islands. Scots cam frae the Northumbrian Aud English, tho wi muckle influence frae the Aud Norse o the Vikings, the Dutch an law Saxon throo trade wi (an settlers frae) the law countries, an the Romance frev its use i the Chorch an legal Latin, Anglo-Norman an yeblins frae Parisian French an aa becaws o the Aud Alliance.

    Anglian speakers wes aaready weel-establish'd i the area 'at is is noo sooth-east Scotland bi the 7th century. I the 13t century Norman lannawners an thor retainers, 'at tawk'd Northumbrian Middle English, wes boden te cum an settle bi the King. Scots kyth'd for the forst time i written form i the middle o the 14th century an didna differ muckle frev other northren English dialects. The Anglian language o Scotland develop'd on its awn sin-syne. Bi the lyet 15th century the Scots-speakin Scots began te caa thor language "Scots". Scots hes Goidelic loan-words frae contact wi Scots Gaelic, but myest o thor loans-words is nobbut geographical an cultural things that is specific te Scotland, sic as clan an loch. Like ony other language, Scots hes unnergyen (an is still unnergannin) the process o language change, tho muckle on't hes stay'd nearer tiv its Anglo-Saxon ruts nor English. Mony Scots words hes been borra'd intiv English sic as: flit, greed, eerie, cuddle, clan, stob, but mony o thor words is fund i Northumbrian dialects an aa.