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Rauma dialect ("rauman giäl", "language of Rauma") is a dialect o Finnish spocken i the cuty o Rauma. The dialect is canny different frev uther dialect o Finnish, the Rauma dialect has mony words frae Swedish an Estonian. Folk frae Rauma câs their dialect "Rauman giäl" whilk means "language o rauma". Forby, acause the dialect is written i the modren day, some folk says at it is its awn language an nut a dialect o Finnish.[1][2][3]

The written form o the dialect wis presarved bi the writer an doctor Hj. Nortamo, an is nooadays practiced maistly as a hobby. Some o the maist kenspeckle characteristics o the dialect (as written) is the use o letters 'g' and 'b', at's uncommon i the Finnish language. The pronunciation o these letters is, hooaniver, somewhere atween 'g' and 'b' an the 'k' and 'p' o mainstream Finnish.[4] The Rauma dialect contains its awn pitch accent an aa.[5]