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    This airticle wis myed biv a body that's native lenguiche isna Northumbrian. Gif ye can, help correct ony mistyeks.

    Northumbrian is a dialect ov English, or yeblins its awn language. Thor's five or six dialects o Northumbrian:


    Extejt o Northumbria i 878 AD, follaïn the Viking Invasion.

    Linguists kens fower dialects ov Aud English: Northumbrian, Mercian, Kentish, an West Saxon.[1][2] Awd Northumbrian (Awd Inglish: Norðanhymbrisċ) was spoken aw ower the Kingdom o Northumbria, frae the Humber te the Firth o Forth). The Viking invasion ov Ingland divided Northumbria at the Tees. The Kingdom of York, te the sooth o the Tees, was sattled bi Danes, while the pairt te the nort was ruled bi the Anglian Yarls o Bamburgh and Community of Saint Cuthbert and didn't receive se muckle Scandinavian sattlement.

    The Northumbrian dialects spoken i Yorkshire, Cumbria an Teesdale was mair influenced biv Owld North. North o the River Tweed, the northrenmyest Northumbrian dialect was developed separate frev aw other varieties ov Inglish and developed inte the Scots language. The modren Scots, Northumbrian, Cumbrian, north Lancastrian, and north-east Yorkshire dialects ia aw derived frev awd Northumbrian.

    Writin i the 19th century, English phonetian Alexender John Ellis refered te the dialect as 'North Northren' and mairked its boondaries as the hyel o Northumberland alang wi the the Lawer Wear and Tyne wettersheds i Durham, or the area frae Kella te Berwick. He consithered it a transitional dialect atween Scots and other kinds o Northren English. Yen featur o Northumbrian 'at differs frev other northren dialects is the lack o the reduced definite airticle, at is fand i Cumbrian, Lancashire, Teesdale, Upper Weardale an Yorkshire dialects. Another kenspeckle featur is the Northumbrian burr, the traditional airticulation o /r/ as [ʁ(ʷ)], the day, the featur is nobbut fand amang awder folks frae rural pairts o Northumberland.

    Northumbrian the day[edit]

    Northumbrian is yeblins the myest kenspeckle regional dialect iv Ingland the day. The Tyneside or Geordie dialect is the myest weel-ken'd form on't. Acaws o this, the dialects an accents an foak themsels frae nearby Wearside (offins ken'd bi the nyem 'Mackem'), Northumberland (ken'd 'Northumbrian' i reference te the coonty itsel) an whiles even Teessiders (knawn as 'Smoggies') is mistyen for Geordies bi foaks 'at disn't cum frae the area.

    The Northumbrian dialect is thowt ov as a separate Anglic language bi the Northumbrian Language Society acaws it kythed i the region lang afore Standard Inglish wes iver browt intid, but myest foaks nobbut thinks on't as a dialect or collection o dialects. The society kens fower dialects o Northumbrian: Geordie (Tyneside), Pitmatic or Soothren, Northren (frae the North o the River Coquet, through Alnwick an up te Berrick); an westren (frae Allendale through Hexham an up te Kielder). Thor's a canny argie te be myed aboot includin the dialect o the Lawer Wear an aa, at Alexander John Ellis grouped inte the North Northren group. The Northumbrian Words Project recognises aa the dialects frae byeth Northumberland an Durham as Northumbrian dialects as Northumbrian, but disn't consither't te be its awn separate language.


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