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Northumbrie aroond 700 AD

Thi Kingdom o Northumbrie (Awd English: Norþanhymbra Rīċe; Latin: Regnum Northanhymbrorum) wes an Anglo-Saxon Kingdom i what is noo Northren England an Soothren Scotland. Hit wes formed bi the unification o twe awder Kingdoms, knawn as Bernicia an Deira, that wes divided bi the rivor Tees.

Efter the Viking invasion o England, Northumbria sooth o the Tees wes tyen ower bi the Danes an becam the Kingdom o Jorvik, suin efter, the northrenmyest dyel o Northumbria ayont the Tweed wes tyen ower bi the Scots efter the Battle o Carham. The Northumbrian rump atween the Tweed an Tees becam an Awtonomous Yarldom i the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom o England an wes then reorganised bi the Normans inte the coonty o Northumberland. Awd Northumberland wes dyelt inte modren Northumberland an Durham i the 13th century when the Bishops o Durham declared 'at the lands atween the Tyne an Tees lyed ootby ony English shire.

Northumbrie thi day[edit]

The day, Northumbria ne langer officially exists though the nyem o Northumberland comes frae Northumbria. The nyem Northumbria hitsel is whiles used for the region atween the Tweed an Tees, centred aroond the twe historic coonties o Northumberland an Durham, whar folks talks Northumbrian dialects the day. The nyem is used bi sindry organisations i the region, sic as Northumbria University, Northumbria Pollis, an Northumbrian Wettor.

I 2020 the idea o Northumbria wes browt back bi Northren English separatists. Thi NIP (Northern Independence Party) ettles te restore Northumbria as an independent state. This new state wad include aa o modren Northren England wi Hee Peak District i Derbyshire an aa. Acause o this, Northumbrian identity hes been adopted biv a smaa amoont o Northren English foaks frae aa ower the region 'at thinks the North sud hae its awn national identity, an i sartain cases independence.


Northumbrian Awd English, or Awd Northumbrian, wes yen o fower Awd English dialects, alang wi Mercian, West Saxon, an Kentish. The day, Northumbrian, Cumbrian, Scots, an the North Yorkshire dialects is aa derived frev Awd Northumbrian.

Cumbric is a nyem gien te the Brythonic Celtic tung 'at wes spoken i the north o England an sooth o Scotland. A vast o plyece nyems i Cumbria an soothren Scotland is derived frae the awd Cumbric tung the day, sic as Carlisle, Helvellyn an Penrith. Latin wes offens spoken an aa, myestly bi the beuk-larnt intelligentsia, an wes used for the writin o mony awd Northumbrian texts includin Bede's Ecclesiastical History o the English Folk.