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The Northren Northumbrian dialect is northrenmyest dialect o Northumbrian. It is spak frae north o the river Coquet te the Scottish border. It hes mair featurs i common wi Scots that isn't fund iv uther dialects o Northumbrian. It is spoken i toons sic as Bamburgh, Ooler, an Berrick.


  • A'm for A's, sic-like ti Scots.
  • Ne T-V disction. Pronoon ye used for 2nd person iv aa cases.
  • Auder forms hame, stane, an bane still iv use for hyem, styen, an byen.

Dialeck wards[edit]

Tyneside Northren
gan gae
haad haud
kirk (auder)
oxter oaxter
yets aits
byen bane
fut fit