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Floppa wiv a bottle o vodka

Muckle Floppa (Inglish: Big Floppa; whiles knawn as just Floppa an aa; an as Шлёпа Shlyopa amang Russian-speakers; real nyem: Гоша Gosha), is a caracal that becam weel-knawn as an internet meme.


Gosha wes born o the 21 December, 2017 i Kyiv, Ukraine. Iv April 2018, he wes adopted biv Andrey Bondarev an Elena Bondareva frae Moscow. Andrey an Elena awns a hoosecat caa’d Justin an aa, that is 4 year auder nor Gosha an lives wiv him i the syem room. Gosha likes tiv eat shrimps an is knawn te be varry sprag iv his apairtment.

In 2020, Gosha hed surgery te get rid ov a tumour ahint his lug, but varry suin crooted oot frev it.

Follaïn the 2022 Russian invasion o Ukraine, mony social media websites an sarvices hes been banned i Russia, includin Instagram, where Gosha's awners myest offins posts. I response te this, a post wes myed o thor instagram page that read "Dear frinds, Instagram will be blocked i Russia the day, but we remain wi ye!". Suin efter the annooncement, they anoonced the creation o the YouTube channel an the Telegram channel an aa. Gosha's YouTube channel, caa'd 'Big Floppa Official' hosts livestreams o Gosha film'd wi webcams plyeced aroond Andrey an Elena's hoose. Bi Mairch 2022, Gosha's channel hed 17.2k subscribers.