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    Welcum ti thi Northumbrian Wiki,
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    Thi day is Thorsda, 9 February 2023
    an we hiv 43 articles thi noo.

    Airticle o thi month

    Stent o Northumbrie, c. 700 AD

    Thi Kingdom o Northumbrie (Aad Inglish: Norþanhymbra Rīċe; Latin: Regnum Northanhymbrorum) wis an Anglo-Saxon Kingdom i whaat is noo Northren Inglan an Sooth-East Scotlan. It wis formed frae thi unification o twee aader Kingdoms, knaan as Bernicie an Deira, that wor dyelt aroond thi river Tees.

    Efter thi Viking invasion o Inglan, Northumbrie sooth o the Tees wis tyen ower bi thi Dyenish an becam thi Viking Kingdom o Jorvik, whiles thi northrenmyest dyel o Northumbrie, ayont thi Tweed, wis tyen ower bi thi Scots follaïn thi Battle o Carham. Thi Northumbrian rump atween thi Tweed an Tees becam a Yarldom i thi Anglo-Saxon Kingdom o Inglan.

    Nooadays, Northumbrie nee langer officially exists, but thi coonty o Northummerlan tyeks its aan nyem frae Northumbrie. Thi nyem Northumbrie hitsel is whiles used for thi region atween thi Tweed an Tees, centred aroond thi twee historic coonties o Northummerlan an Durham, whar foaks taaks Northumbrian dialects thi day. Thi nyem is used bi organisations i thi region, sic as Northumbria University, Northumbria Pollis, an Northumbrian Wattor.

    Thi NIP (Northern Independence Party) ettles ti restore Northumbrie as an independent cuntrith. This new cuntrith wad include aał o modren Northren Inglan as weel as Hee Peak District i Derbyshire. Acaas o this, thi ward hes been adopteet bi sum Northren Inglish foak at thinks thi North is hits aan separate nation.

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    Pictur o thi month

    Tyne Bridge - Newcastle Upon Tyne - England - 2004-08-14.jpg
    Thi Tyne Brig i Newcassel

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    Aboot Northumbrian

    Northumbria lenguiche.png

    Northumbrian is a lenguiche frae thi north east o Northumbrie. Foaks taaks it i Northummerlan, Tyne an Wear an Durham.

    Writin i thi 19th century, Inglish phonetian Alexender John Ellis recognised Northumbrian as separate frae byeth Scots an ither Northren Inglish lenguiche varieties sic as Cumbrian. Iv Ellis' wark Northumbrian is knaan bi thi nyem "North Northren". Yen main featur that dyels Northumbrian frae thi tungs ti thi sooth an west is thi lack o thi reduced definite airticle that is funden i thi Cumbrian an Yorkshire tungs. Anither kenspeckle featur is thi Northumbrian burr, thi traditional pronunciation of /r/ as [ʁ(ʷ)], but nooadays this featur is funden aanly amang aader residents o rural Northummerlan.

    Thor's five dialects o Northumbrian:

    Tyneside or Geordie ...

    Northren is spocken frae north o thi river Coquet ti thi Scottish border. It is spocken i toons sic as Bamburgh, Ooler, an Berrick.

    Westren is spocken i thi West o Northummerlan an neiborin pairts o Cumbrie an Coonty Durham. It is spocken i toons sic as Hexham, Hautwessel, an Alston.

    Soothren is spocken i thi sooth o Northummerlan, tho it isna thi soothrenmyest dialect o Northumbrian hitsel. I minin toons sic as Ashington it is ken'd bi thi nyem Pitmatic.

    Wearside mair offins knaan as Mackem i Sunnerlan, is thi soothrenmyest dialect o thi Northumbrian lenguiche. Hit is spocken i thi City o Sunnerlan i Tyne an Wear an i surroondin pairts o Coonty Durham an aa.

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