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    Welcome te Northumbrian Wiki,
    If ye knaw Northumbrian, make an airticle!
    It is is Thursda, 28 September 2023 the day
    an we hev 48 airticles the noo.

    Airticle o the month

    Start ov a hand-dug escape tunnel i the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem, thowt te date frae the First Jewish–Roman War i 66–73 CE

    Hobby Tunnellin is the act o howkin tunnels as a divarsion. Hobby tunnellers often disn't use muckle equipment and the tunnels is bigged wi nobbut hand tuils. It can take mony years te howk a hale tunnel. The biggin is whiles duin i secret and the tunnels is nobbut later fund bi chance. A canny amoont o folk hes howked tunnels as a hobby; some hes duin'd for therapeutic reasons or as a kínd ov exercise an aa.

    A tunnel is an undergrund passageway, dug throo the surroondin soil or rock for the purpose o transport, passage or communication. Tunnel construction is a sub-discipline o civil engineerin and usually the domain ov engineers and construction companies. Some civilians digs tunnels for criminal purposes, like smugglin or hidin illegal guids or gainin unauthorised access tiv an area. Folks whiles bigs escape tunnels an aa, sic as them under the Berlin Waa.

    Tunnelin can be pairt o the biggin ov an undergrund dwellin. Subterranean construction can be duin as an form ov airt forby, sic as the wark o Ra Paulette. Dutch graphic designer Leanne Wijnsma digs short, shalla tunnels as a form ov airt and for fun. She hed dug thirteen bi 2015, three on em at cultural festivals. .

    Aboot the Wiki

    Aboot Northumbrian

    Northumbria lenguiche.png

    Northumbrian is a dialect ov Inglish[1] spoken i the English pairt o historic Northumbria, consistin o the coounties an Northumberland an Durham i the North East region o the country. It is aiblins the maist divargent variety ov Inglish spoken the day. There's folk at's caain for it te be recognised as its awn language, but others is again the idea acause they dinnet want te create a split atween Northumbria and the rest ov England.[2][3]Northumbrian is a transitional lect atween Scots an Inglish, and baith Northumbrian and Scots shares a common origin i Northumbrian Auld Inglish.

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