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The concept o language can be explained i mony ways, for example:

  • a way o communicatin aboot things, acts an ideas
  • a set o meanins common te sindry foaks
  • a type o thowt
  • symbols impleein actions or inactions

But the foremyest meanin o language is human language. Human language is unique amang the knawn systems ov animal communication acause it dissent lippen o nobbut yen mack o transmission (seet, soond, etc.), an changes a muckle amoont atween cultures an across time, an is much mair complex an used mair offin nor other systems.

Some foaks hes argied 'at animals hes thor awn macks o language, or can be larnt te tawk a bittie ov a human language, but others dissent agree an thinks 'at "animal languages" isn't complicated or meaninfu eneugh tiv ivvor be caad "languages", or that they divvent hae owt like the complex grammatical systems 'at is fund iv human languages. Oweraa, the question lippens o whativvor definition o language a body uphauds.

Mathematics an computer science uses languages caad formal languages (like computer programmin languages). Mathematics hitsel is consithered a language bi mony theorists.