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This airticle wis myed biv a body that's native lenguiche isna Northumbrian. Gif ye can, help correct ony mistyeks.

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England or England (English: England, Cornish: Pow Sows) is yen o the fower countries o the United Kingdom. It hes borders wi Wales te the west an Scotland te the north. It is the mucklest country o the United Kingdom byeth biv area an population. The capital city on't is Lunnun. Thor is other kenspeckle cities in't sic as Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcassel, Liverpuil, an Bristol.

The land noo ken'd bi the nyem ov England wes forst settl'd bi modren humans i the Upper Paleolithic period, but the nyem on’t comes frae the Angles, a Germanic tribe 'at cam frae the Anglia peninsula an settl'd i Britain i the 5t an 6t centuries. The etymology o the tribal nyem is argie'd ower bi scholars; abbut it yeblins cam frae the shyep o the peninsula itsel, 'at hes an angular shyep.

England kyth'd as a polity i the 10th century. Wessex an the Anglian pairt o Mercia cam tegither defeated the Danes te put the hyel o the Danelaw anunder thor law. I the 11th century it wes tyen ower bi the Normans 'at annex'd Bornicia a Cumbria tid, an lyeter Wales an pairts ov Ireland an aa. Ivor syne the Age o Discovery, that began i the 15t century, England hes hed muckle cultural an legal influence ower the hyel world. The English language, the Anglican Chorch, an English law – 'at's the byese for the common law legal systems aa ower the world – wes aa develop'd iv England, an the country's pairliamentary system o govrenment hes been adopted bi mony other nations. The Industrial Revolution began i 18t-century England, transformin its society inte the yird's forst industrialis'd nation.

England hes ne official language but the English language, tyeks the nyem on’t frev Englan an is tawk'd bi foak aa ower the country, is regairded as the national language. English is takw'd iv a few other countries an aa, 'at's knawn thegither as the Anglosphere. Regional tungs includes Cornish (Kernewek), a Brythonic Celtic tung, Northumbrian, an Cumbrian twe Anglic tungs at is sib wi Scots an spoken i the far North on’t.