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Hexham (/ˈhɛksəm/ HEKS-əm) is a toon i the sooth west o Northumberland on the sooth bank o the River Tyne bi the confluence o the North Tyne an the Sooth Tyne. The rivers comes thegither at Warden Rock near Hexham iv a plyece caad 'The Meetin o the Wetters'. The Hexham area is hyem te pairt o the Roman Waa. Hexham wes the administrative centre for the Tynedale district frae 1974 te 2009. I 2011, it hed a population o 11,829. I the lyet Middle Ages it wes the capital o the Liberty o Hexhamshire, at belanged te the Scottish croon.

Thor's a canny few smaaer toons an villages aroond Hexham an aa, sic as Corbrig, Riding Mill, Stocksfield an Wylam te the east; Acomb an Bellingham the te north; Allendale sooth; an Haydon Brig, Bardon Mill an Hautwessel te the west. Newcassel upon Tyne is aroond 25 miles (40 km) te the east on't an Carlisle 37 miles (60 km) te the west.


The history o Hexham Abbey gans back te the monastery foonded bi Wilfrid i 674. The crypt o the original monastery is still pairt o the Abbey the day. The crypt wes bigged wi styens at wes tyen doon frae Romans ruins i the area, yeblins frae Corbrig or Hadrian's Waa. The main pairt o the Abbey wes bigged i the 11th century, abbut a muckle pairt on't wes rebigged i 19th century an aa. The toon hes a vast o kenspeckle biggins, sic as the Moot Haa, the covered mairket, an the Aud Gaol.

Then toon wes varra important te the Bernician an lyeter Northumbrian Kingdoms. The nyem on't cums frae the Aud Inglish Hagustaldes ham (frae the auder form Hagustaldes ea). The forst pairt, Hagustald, is sib te the Aud Hee German word hagustalt, meanin a young laddie or ; the element ea means "burn" or "river" an ham is the Aud English form o the Northumbrian "(h)yem", the Scots "hame", Cumbrian "yam" an English "home").

Hexham is sic-like tiv other toons i the Anglo-Scottish mairches as it tholed the border wars atween the kingdoms o Scotland an English. It wes attacked bi William Wallace, at brunt the toon te the grund i 1297; an agyen bi Robert the Bruced, at demanded £2000 frae the toon foak an monastery te syev them frae the syem fate. I 1346 the monastery wes sacked agyen bi King David II o Scotland. Hexhamshire wes yence the coonty toon o Hexhamshire, 'at wes its awn coonty til 1572 when it wes incorporated inte the County o Northumberland itsel.