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This airticle wis myed biv a body that's native lenguiche isna Northumbrian. Gif ye can, help correct ony mistyeks.

Finnish is a Finno-Ugric language that is spoken i Finland. Aboot 5.5m folks talks Finnish as thor forst language. Finnish is closely sib te the Estonian, Meänkieli, Kven, an mair broadly tiv Hungarian an aa. Hoooanivor, the Ugric languages, at Hungarian belangs te, split frae the Finnic languages mair nor twe thoosand ear syne, an the twe languages isna se siccan-like binoo. It is spoken i pairts o Russia an Sweden forby.


Finnish developed frae proto-Finnic an bi the Middle Ages the language wes spoken bi myest feck o Finns. The language lost ony status iv its awn country efter Finland wes annexed bi Sweden. Administration wes aye c arried oot i Swedish an aa religious matters wes duin i Latin. The law status o Finnish meant that it didna develop a its awn written form the 16t century. Aa education an literature wes written i Latin or Swedish. Acause thor wes ne standard written form ont wes canny teugh for folk te larn it or te use it as a means o written commbinication. Hooanivor, mony languages wasna standardised at this time, an Finnish had te deal wi bein o sic a law status an aa. It teuk the wark o the Lutheran Beeshop Mikael Agricola iv his translation o The New Testament inte Finnish te gie'd a standard form.

The day it is the myest used language i Finland (spoken bi 91.7% o the country), an alang wi Swedish is yen o the twe official languages on't.