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"Blaydon Races" (Roud #3511) is a Geordie folk sang, the words for'd wes written i the 19th century by Geordie Ridley, iv a style derivin frae the music haa. Ridley's words wes set tiv an existin American tuin labelled "Brighton" i arly publications o Ridley's sang, at refers tiv an American sang caad "On the Road to Brighton". (The Brighton referred te is a toon i Massachusetts.) It is frequently sung by supporters o Newcastle United Football Club, Newcastle Falcons rugby club, and Durham Coonty Cricket Club.[1]

Blaydon is a smaa toon i Gatesheed, situated abbot 4 miles (6.4 km) frae Newcastle upon Tyne, i Coonty Durham. The race used te take place on the Stella Haugh 1 mi (1.6 km) west o Blaydon. Stella Sooth Pooer Station (demolished i 1995) wes bigged on the site o the track i the arly 1950s, efter the races hed stopped takin place i 1916.


Ah me lads, ye shud hae seen us gannin,
We pass'd the folk alang the road just as they wor stannin;
Thor wes lots o lads an lassies there, all wi smilin faces,
Gannin alang the Scotswood Road, te see the Blaydon Races.
We flew past Airmstrang's factory, an up te the "Robin Adair",
Just gannin doon te the railway bridge, the 'bus wheel flew off there.
The lassies lost their crinolines off, an the veils that hide their faces,
An aw got two black eyes an a broken nose gannin te Blaydon Races.


When we gat the wheel put on away we went agyen,
But them that hed their noses brok they cam back ower hyem;
Sum went te the Dispensary an uthers te Doctor Gibbs,
An sum sowt oot the Informary te mend their broken ribs.


Noo when we gat te Paradise thor wes bonny gam begun;
Thor wes fower-an-twenty on the 'bus, man, hoo they danced an sung;
They called on me te sing a sang, aw sung them "Paddy Fagan",
Aw danced a jig an swung maw twig that day aw went te Blaydon.


We flew across the Chain Bridge reet inte Blaydon toon,
The bellman he wes callin there, they call him Jackie Broon;
Aw saw him talkin te sum cheps, an them he wes pursuadin
Te gan an see Geordy Ridley's concert in the Mechanics' Hall at Blaydon.


The rain it poor'd all the day an myed the groons quite muddy,
Coffy Johnny hed a white hat on – they war shootin "Whe stole the cuddy."
There wes spice stalls an munkey shows an awd wives sellin ciders,
An a chep wiv a hawpenny roond aboot, shootin "Noo, me lads, for riders."

(owerword) (chorus)