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    This airticle wis myed biv a body that's native lenguiche isna Northumbrian. Gif ye can, help correct ony mistyeks.


    Berrick (Inglish: Berwick-upon-Tweed) is a toon i the coonty o Northumberlan. It is the northrenmyest toon iv Inglan and Northumberlan. The toon is weel-knawn for the dialect on't at's a mix atween Scotch an Northumbrian.

    Berrick wes foonded as an Anglo-Saxon settlement durin the time o the Kingdom o Northumbrie at wes annexed biv Inglan i the 10t century. The area wes for mair nor 400 ear central tiv historic border wars atween the Kingdoms o Inglan an Scotlan, an several times possession o Berrick changed hans atween the twe kingdoms. Berrick remains a traditional mairket toon an hes some notable airchitectural featurs sic as the defence rampairts an barrack biggins.