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Draain comparin a normal aged hairn (left) an the hairn on a body win Alzheimer's (reet)

Alzheimer's ill is the myest common kynd o mindloss. Thor’s nee way ti croot oot frae siccan ill, at warsens as it gans on, an eventually gars the tholer deed. It wis forst discovered bi the Jorman psychiatrist an neuropathologist Alois Alzheimer i 1906 an tyeks its nyem frev him.

Myest offins, AI is fund i foaks ower 65 eer aad, aałtho the rarer arly onset kind Alzheimer's can happen seuner. I 2006, thor wis 26.6 knaan tholers aał ower the warld. Alzheimer's is predicteet tiv affect 1 oot o 85 foaks i the warld bi 2050.