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    Agricultur is the grawin o food an other things for foaks an animals. Alang wi food crops, flooers, ornamental plants an nursery plants, manure or dung, animal hides, leather, industrial chemicals (stairch, ethanol, an plastics), fibres (cotton, ool, hemp, an flax), fuels (methane, biodiesel, biomass), an drugs (biopharmaceuticals, marijuana, opium) is grawn an a.

    It is thowt that agricultur stairted thoosands ov ear sin, but we divvent knaw hoo awd it's. The development o agricultur gav rise te the Neolithic Revolution when foaks gav ower bein nomadic hunters an settled ben steeds that wad gan on te become cities.

    Mony foaks lives bi grawin thor awn food on a wee fairm, a practice knawn as subsistence agricultur. Nobbut the fairmer's family lives on the farm. Subsistence agricultur is grawin nobbut eneugh food for te feed the fairmer, his family, an his beasts.