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Merya has 9 cases, which are used instead of prepositions. For example "пало" = village, "палосна" = in a village.

Case Case ending
nominative -
Genetive -n/-an
Partitive -ta/da
Inessive -sna/ssa/ššo
Illative -s
ellative sta
adessive -lna/lla
allative -l'/le
ablative -lta
translative -kš
vokative -aj
abessive -to/do
dative -lan/len
accusative -m/-am/-ym
comitative -ge
prolative -te
subessive -nna
delative -lta/-lda
plural -k/-ak

The ending -ka corresponds to finnish "kään/kaan" and the ending "ki" corresponds to Finnish -kin. They roughly mean "also, too, as well".


  • Кострома кундешшо илам.
  • i live in the kostroma oblast.
  • Те ерык ёнь шоран Мерянка-юкан нёро.
  • These ponds are the floodplain of the river Meryanka


Possessives in Merya
Ending Merya English
ем пертем my house
ет пертет your house
еш пертеш his house
амо пертамо our house
ато пертато your (plural) house
ашто перташто their house

Possessive plural

Plural possessives in Merya

Words are formed: stem+number+possession+case -k plural is not used in possessives