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Пере мерян елман викис
Вики мерян елмална.

Пере мерян елман викис!!

Welcome to the wiki in the Merya language reconstruction, the Merya language is an extinct language of Russia, however based on toponyms and other data some linguists have reconstructed the Merya language. This wiki is in the Merya reconstruction and if you know it, please contribute!

Пере мерян елман реконструкциян викис. Меря ёнь колай елма Россиясна. Но дысь топонымк ми воймем реконструкция мерян елмада. Тена вики ёнь мерян елмада.

Don't speak Merya? Click these:

Note: not all Merya words are yet reconstructed, and some words have to be loaned, however the majority of words needed are reconstructed.