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    London March 3 2014 012 Ukrainians stage protest in Whitehall. Putin the Nazi (12912220883).jpg

    Rashism (Ukrainian: рашизм) is þe cleym þat russlond is a fascist country. Hit is a terme þat discribeþ the ideology of russlond attacking oþer countries. Hit bicamed populer in MMXXII because of þe russlond invasioun of Ukraine.

    Rashism means ruuslond + fascism. Mani peepul compereþen russlond to Nazi Germani, and kelden russlond souldeoures rashistes.[1]


    en:Rashism uk:Рашизм

    1. Rashism or why russians are the new Nazi. Publicen in XXX Marce, MMXXII. (Newe Engliſch)