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    República Portuguesa
    Flag of Portugal.svg Coat of arms of Portugal.svg
    EU-Portugal with islands circled.svg Portingale (derk grene) in Europe (grene and derk grei) and þe Europæan Unyoun (grene)
    Capital cite: Lisbon
    Langage: Portiugalens langage
    Superfice: XXXVDCIII mi2
    Peple: 10,344,802

    Portingale biþ a contree in Souþwest Europe. Hit haþ a superfice of XXXVDCIII mi2, and aboute 10,344,802 Peple. Hit biþ next to Spayne to þe norþe and est, and þe Atlantick Ocen to þe west. Hit biþ part of þe Europæan Unyoun.