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    Republic of Lithuania (Newe Englisshe)

    Lietuvos Respublika (Liþuanian)

    Flag of Lithuania.svg Coat of arms of Lithuania.svg
    Capital cite: Vilnius
    Langage: Liþuanian
    Superfice: XXVCC mi2

    Liþuania is a contre in Europe. Hit is ner Latvia, Belarus, Polande, and russlond. Þe capital cite und byggest cite of Liþuania is Vilnius. Þe langage of Liþuania is Liþuanian. Liþuania is wan of þe Baltic Contrees. Liþuania is in þe European Union and NATO. And Liþuania has 3melion pœple it be mor dhan 1000 yers old Ther be no capybaras in Liþuania :( It be has be next to baltek sea