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    Hero Cite of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Місто-герой України) is an honory titel given time cites in Ukraine for heroism durynge Russian invasioun of Ukraine.

    President Volodymyr Zelenskyy introduced þe title on Marce VI, MMXXII. Zelenskyy said:

    I decided to mark our Hero Cities with a special title that already existed. When another invasion was defeated. But a similar invasion. Another invasion. But no less cruel invasion. [1]

    Hero Cites[edit]


    Hero of Ukraine - Sege of Chernihiv

    Þe Sege of Chernihiv started on XXIV februare, MMXXII. russlond arme failede takenn Chernihiv. Þe sege ended on Marce XXXI.


    Hero of Ukraine - Baitale of Antonov Airport und Baitale of Hostomel

    Þe Baitale of Antoniv Airport began on MMIV Feuerʒere MMXXII duringge þe MMXXII russlond invasioun of Ukraine. While initial assaults from russlond airborne VDV units were repulsed be ukrainian forces, þe airport eventualle fele on Feuerʒere XXV followingge a II wave of forces. However, despite russlond control of þe airport, Ukrainian forces continue to engage russlond units.

    The Antonov An-225 Mriya, þe world's byggest airplane, was at þe airport at þe time of þe openingge phase of þe batle. Hit was initialle confirmed to be intact be an antonov pilot, despite þe fightingge.[2]However, on XXVII Feuerʒere, Ukrainian officials reported þat þe Mriya had beene destroyed be a russlond airstrike.[3]Bi II April, þe russlond arme retreteed and Hostomel was retakene be Ukrainian troops.[4]