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    A peintyng of King George VI.

    Kinge George VI, þe which liued anno domini mdcccxcvi til mdcccclij, was king of þe United Kyngdome betwyx anno domini mdccccxxxvi and mdcccclii and hedman of þe Brittiſshe Empyre therto. He eek was emproure of Yndie anno domini mdccccxxxvi til mdccccxlvij, whanne Yndie wan his libertee. His Criſtne names wern Albert Frederick Arthvr George, and he hadde "Bertie" to eekename.

    He feeng to riche after his broþer King Edward VIII yaf up þe croune for to wedden his lemman Wallis Simpſon. George VI reignede over þe Sekounde Werld Werre and ſtired he hope in his holde wiþ speches and vyſitaciouns, þough þat he hadde mer yn muth.

    His queene was Ladi Elyzabeth Bowes-Lyon, feerthe doughter of þe Erl of Strathmor and Kynghorn, þat is yclepid oft nou þe Qveene Moder, bi reſoun þat sche was Queene Elyzabethes moder II of þe foreſeyde reaume. Kyng George hadde eek on other doughter of his queene, þat was yclepyd Princes Margarete. Þay nadde nat no sone.