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A fowel aloft

A fowel is a fethred beeſt wyþ two leggys and two wyngys. Hit haþ a bile and a feþren teyl, and þe henne liʒþ hire eyren in a nest. Yonge foweles hatten byrdes, or briddes, or chekes, and wurthen fuules whan þai fulwaxen ben, if þai ben nat eten. A male fuwel is clepyd cocc, and a femelle is clepid henne.

Fowelys moun ben grete or smale. Þai eten diuers thyngys and manie maken melodie, or elles greden and crowen. Manie fowles wel cvnnen fleien, and some othre fleien bote febly, and some ne moun fleien nowt. Þe muchel del of fuweles waken and fleien a daʒes, bote sume so don a niʒtes, for exaumple owlys.

Foweles ben icumen of dynoſaures kinne and ſtrind.

Gendres of Fowelkinne[edit]

Heer ben some fowlys, isortyd after here kynde: