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    Flag of Germany.svg Coat of arms of Germany.svg
    EU-Germany.svg Dochelond (derk grene) in Europe (grene and derk grei) and þe Europæan Unyoun (grene)
    Capital cite: Berlin
    Langage: Alemaine
    Superfice: CXXXVMMDCCCXLVII mi2
    Peple: 83,190,556

    Dochelond biþ a contree in Norþerne Europe. Hit haþ a superfice of CXXXVMMDCCCXLVII mi2, and aboute 83,190,556 peple. Hit biþ next to Danishlond to þe norþe, Polande to þe est, Austria to þe souþest, and France to þe souþwest. Hit biþ part of þe Europæan Unyoun.