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A cou is a beſt þat haþ fowre leggys and a tayl, þe which men reren to neeten. Sumwhile me seȝth cou to meanen eiþer ȝe males ȝe femellys of þat beeſtes kind, ak ykyndre is to emploien þe word for þe femelles one. Peple hauen kepte cyne manie thowsand ȝere. Abowt on thousend millioun kine arn ouer al þe werld. A yong cou is yclepid calf, and a male ys ihoten bule, if he nis noȝt binimen of his stonys and mai ȝeet ſtreenen, and he is ihoten oxe if he be so benimen.

Role of Kyne[edit]

Some kyne in feelde

Kine hauen a greet role in mennis ſtories. Men holden hem þe oldeſt ſort of richeſse for hire abilitee to providen mete, milk and draȝt whil þey breden and eten noȝt but gras or foddre. Hire fleſch is eten, and þat is ycleped bef. Þe cou makeþ milk eek, þat men drincken and han wyth brekfaste, or elles chvrnen for to maken butere, and cheſe.