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Manie ſortes of liȝt and colour.

Colour, or hiu biþ a perceved proprete of liȝt, and swiche ſortes whyche red, and bleu, and grene arn maad by þe waue-lengþe of þe liȝt as it ys bac-ſchewen fro obiectys. It maketh impreſſioun by celles in þe eien of peple and manie beeſtes, þat formeþ an ymage in þe beſtys mode. Þe waue-lengþes of alle ſortes of colour peple ſeen ben bitwixe cd. and dcc. nanometres. Sume colovres ben oonfolde - þat is, þai ben of oon wave-lengþe. Þiſe ben þe hiwes of þe reynbowe. Ooþre colourys ben meind of manie waue-lengþys.

Langages parten coloures to here genres þourȝ diuers wiſe. Niwe Englysch haþ eleven pryme genrys of colour, ak Middel Engliſch hadde fewre. Svme langages han boute þree or fower pryme genres.