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A Dogge
A Dogge

A dogge biþ a mammal wyþ fower leggys from þe familye Canidae. Þe dogge biþ ycvmen of þe wolvys ſtrind. Þe word ben vſed for boþ wylde doggis and houndes. Houndes hauen ben þe moſt wydly keepte werking and compaignoun beeſtes in mennis hiſtorye.

A dogge is a beſte þat men hauen as a houſebeſte, or to herden schepe, or to hunten atte chase. Doggis ben "mennis beſte frend" as þe ſeying goþ. A dogge haþ a lange tonge and likeþ to lepen and ronnen. A dogge haþ hair whyche ben reed, yelwe, broun, blak, or whit. A dogge biþ a domesticeted wolf.