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Þe Booke of Common Praier, commonly called þe "praier booke" (þe ful title beyng: 'þe Booke of þe Common Praier and admininiſtracion of þe Sacramentes, and ooþer rites and ceremonies of þe Churche after þe uſe of þe Churche of Engelond'), beeþ an missale scriven firſt yn 1549 by Thomas Cranmer, Archebishoppe of Caunterbury. Begotten from þe rite (or 'uſe') of Sarum, it haþ formed þe grounder of worshippe for Anglican and Epiſcopalian churches synce þanne. He haþ byen renovated manie time synce þanne, þe mooſt vulgare byyng þe Engliſh edicions of 1662 and 1928, þe Newfoundelandiſh edicions of 1928 and 1979, and þe Scottis edicions of 1637 and 1929. Al variaicions contayn ordres for mornyng and evenyng praier (Mattyns and Evensonge), holy Communion or þe Maſſe, ordynacion, confirmacion, cristnyng, matrimone, buriing, letanies, diuers ooþer praiers and þe Pſalms, as wel as ooþer rubriches.

He also contayneþ long chapitres from þe Bible.