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Werkere fier amptf

An ampte, or emete, biþ a kīnde of insecte þat liveþ in bygge compagnyes (colonias). An amte haþ six leggys, and moste amptys han no wingys. Amptes liven in all londes except Antartika, and fewe far aweie or daungerous islandes.

Amtes bēn simblable to waspys and bēen. [1] Þey haven þe sāme auncestre bute nou þey bēn svndred. Wel X̄X̄MM kyndes of antys arn, boute we witen boute X̄MMD of hem. Ech kynde of amte haþ a þinne del i þe middel of hys bodī, and II longe membres fixe to his hevde, on Niwe Englysshe yclepen antenna or feeler.

Amtes liven in compagnies þat moun ben grete or smale. Sume amptes liven in smale compagnyes and ēaten oþre beestys. Oþre amptes liven in bigge compagnies wiþ milliones of here ifeeres. Þey werken togedere, diggende or tymbrende þeire nystys, and wenden outebordes everi dai.

Amtys bēn riȝte smale, but þey bēn ful stroonge. Sume amptes arn stronge ynough to beren þinges XX tīmes here heve.

On ech colonie þe amtis arn ydeled a certayne ordres and degrees of diuers formes and werk. Alre firste ys þe quene amte, þat cheseþ a stede and setteþ þe nest. Sche oone leȝeth eȝren, and is moder to alle antys in hire neste. Sche is gretere þan hyre chilre, and haccheþ with wyngys. Þo male amtys hacchen ek wyth wynges. Þei strenen in a swarme with þe yonge quenys and therefter deien. Werkere amptes caryen ȝeen mete to þe neste, þat oþre amtes and þe queene - þat ne leveþ nevre of þe nest - moun ēaten. Þei alle arn femelle, ak ne moun breeden. Svme kyndes of amptes hauen an oþer ordre, þat is þe soudiour ante. Þis ordre haþ a gretre bodi and chavles þan a werkere, and fendeþ þe werkeres and þe nest wyþ thretes.

Sume anptys movn pricken a man and bringen on him a sor smertyng. Othre amptes hauen nat swich abilite.


Þe groups ants liven in biþ called colonias. A colonia has a fēmāle ant known as þe queen þat lays eggs. Þōse eggs grōw into more ants. Bygee colonias have different kyndes of ants. Werkers do jobs līke carrying and digging, whīle soldiers fight oþer beesties. Werker ants and soldier ants bē fēmales. Anoþer kynde of ant bē drōnes who are māle. Drōne ants mate wiþ Queen ants and þen die. [2]

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