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    Amongge Vs beeþ a game imeked by Innersloþe in MMXVIII. Þe gamen gained muche popvlareiti in MMXX.


    Innersloþe longen a demonſtraciovn of Amongge Vs in MMXVII, yt beþ latere meked ayen in-to a fvll game circa MMXVIII.

    On Augvstus 8, MMXIX, a newe mappemounde beþ releaſed, denominate MIRA HQ.


    In a typical round of Among Vs, þe crewmates runnen around in an ibruken eiershipe doing tasks, whiche are actes of raparing hit. Þe Crewmates haue to suruiue þe bribour whiche can randounly Sabotage and killen Crewmates inſtantly, to unablen þem to repare þe eiership.

    Mappemondes (wiþ Detes of Meking)[edit]

    Skeld - Releaſed along wiþ firſt of Among Vs

    MIRA HQ - Auguſtus VIII, MMXIX

    Polus - Nouember XII, MMXIX

    Eiership - Maurch XXXI, MMXXI


    In MMXX, hit haue gaiued intreſt very quikly, and beeþ þe pleierbaſe ſeptember MMXXI, lx milliovne.