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Iiwy Goa'uld

Welcome to the Goa'uld Wiktionary test project.

Goa'uld (art-goauld) is an extraterrestrial language in the Afroasiatic language family. The Egyptian language (egy) evolved out of Goa'uld during Ra's occupation of ancient Egypt. Goa'uld itself evolved from the primitive Unas language when the Goa'uld began using human hosts with their greater lexical ability. Since Ra's departure from Terra, Goa'uld has developed into several distinct dialects, including the Abydonian and Chulak dialects. Noted linguist Dr. Jackson commented on his first visit to Chulak that it was similar to some varieties of modern Arabic (ara). Unknown Goa'uld words can thus be presumed to be similar to Egyptian or it's modern descendent, Coptic (cop), or other Afroasiatic words. Goa'uld may actually have been what contemporary linguists now call Proto-Afroasiatic. Goa'uld is traditionally written using Egyptian hieroglyphics (Egyp). Stargate Command has utilized the Nakht font for displaying Goa'uld documents. As transliteration is generally one-to-one, Roman spellings are used here as well. Note on multilingualism: English has been chosen as the secondary language for this Wiktionary as that is the language that most Goa'uld treaties with the Tau'ri were negotiated in. Stargate Command of course, being a US military base, is exclusively English with the exception of the Russian teams added later. Of course, entries in all languages are accepted, but please add English translations for consistency.

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