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My plan for moval to wikia of incubator projects:[edit]

  1. Aeres Wikipedia
  2. Aûrisk Wikipedia

unknow adress yet[edit]

  1. MakkiTaa Wikipedia
  2. MakkiTa Wiktionary
  3. Artificial Limburgish Wiktionary (please consider a Wikipedia too)
  4. Latinized Awenuÿ Wikipedia (please consider a Wiktionary too)
  5. Awenuÿ Wikipedia in Awenuÿ Writing System (please consider a Wiktionary too)
  6. Ce Tangi Wikipedia
  7. Ce Tangi Wiktionary
  8. Kabghiyan Wikipedia
  9. Kabghiyan Wiktionary
  10. Dime si Hobimo Development Area
  11. Dime si Hobimo Wikipedia
  12. Dime si Hobimo Wiktionary
  13. Artificial Dutch Wikipedia (please consider a Wiktionary too)