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    <templatedata> { "params": { "status": { "description": "Possible values: open/toimport/imported/approved/invalidcode/rejected/tocreate. If you are not sure what to pick, see Incubator:Policy/Test wiki info page.", "type": "line", "required": true, "suggestedvalues": [ "open", "toimport", "imported", "approved", "invalidcode", "rejected", "tocreate" ] }, "language": { "description": "Used to link to \"wikipedia:{{{language}}} language\" (please check in preview) and the Meta request (see also the \"meta\" parameter).", "example": "German", "type": "line", "required": true }, "mainpage": { "description": "Name of Main Page, if it's not \"Main Page\" or translated to the language.", "type": "line" }, "importdate": { "description": "To announce a date for the import.", "type": "date" }, "created": { "description": "The date on which the domain has been created.", "type": "date" }, "bug": { "description": "The phabricator request to create the wiki.", "type": "number" }, "WP-article": { "type": "line" }, "since": { "description": "Date on which the test was created. Do not use if the test has already been approved.", "type": "date" }, "dir": { "description": "Set to \"RTL\" if the language is written from right to left.", "type": "line" }, "macro": { "description": "Language code of a macro language to which this language belongs.", "type": "line" }, "meta": { "description": "Set to \"yes\", if a request on Meta exists.", "type": "boolean", "suggested": true }, "meta-n": { "description": "Number of meta request if it is not the first one (e. g. Requests for languages/Wikipedia English 3).", "type": "number" }, "meta-link": { "type": "line" } }, "description": "To be used on the entry pages to test wikis, with titles such as \"Wp/ABC\", \"Wt/ABC\", etc., where \"ABC\" is the language code. For more information see the page Incubator:Policy/Test wiki info page.", "paramOrder": [ "status", "language", "WP-article", "meta", "meta-link", "dir", "macro", "mainpage", "meta-n", "since", "bug", "created", "importdate" ], "format": "block" } </templatedata>