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Incubator Plus 2.0[edit]

Welcome! This wiki is the home of Incubator Plus 2.0, the place to create and host Wikimedia-like projects not eligible to be created on Wikimedia Incubator. It largely replaces the previous Incubator Plus on Wikia, which has become more difficult to use for this purpose as Wikia has evolved into FANDOM.

This project's initial organizers/​sysops/​bureaucrats are OWTB and StevenJ81, who are familiar faces to people who have been active on Wikimedia Incubator. We are being greatly assisted by Revi, who is also a familiar face there, and who knows Miraheze much better than we do.

You may also want to read: Why is there an Incubator Plus?. This provides a little more information on why some projects are not eligible for Wikimedia Incubator projects, and why we are moving Incubator Plus from Wikia to here.

Note: Projects hosted on this wiki are generally not eligible for Wikimedia projects like Wikipedia and Wiktionary. If you think that your project is eligible, or has become eligible, please contact the administrators and we will help you determine that.


  • This website is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF).
  • Any time the volunteers working here are the same people as are working on WMF wikis, including Wikimedia Incubator, they are doing so in purely a volunteer capacity. (That is usually true of their work on WMF projects, as well.)
  • The fact that such volunteers may help people move content from a WMF wiki to here, or occasionally vice versa, is again strictly in a volunteer capacity, and is done for the convenience of other contributors only.
  • Similarly, the fact that the rules and procedures here are (for the most part) consistent with rules on Wikimedia Incubator and other WMF wikis is strictly because (a) the administrators' experience with those rules leads them to believe that they generally make sense, and (b) in order to protect this project from some similar potential legal problems as would face a WMF project. (Biography of living persons and copyright rules are two prominent examples.)
Any suggestions for changing these rules can be discussed on the Community Portal (link pending).


See also: Category:All test languages.

Code Language Wikipedia Wiktionary other projects
"aer" Aeres Wp/aer Wt/aer
"fim" American Finnish Wp/fim
"fip" Proto-Finnic Wp/fip
"fpr" Proper Finnish (dialect) Wp/fpr
"grl" Goral Wp/grl
"iel" Maakieli Wp/iel
"ine" Proto-Indo-European Wp/ine
"itl" Itlentec Wt/itl
"lnc" Lancastrian Wp/lnc
"mrc" Marisnic Wp/mrc
"mrj" Merya Wp/mrj
"nth" Northumbrian Wp/nth
"ovl" East Flemish Wp/ovl
"pgh" Picksburghese Wp/pgh
"sat" Satapotsocan Wt/sat
"sfi" Siberian Finnish Wp/sfi
"sob" Southern Ostrobothnian Wp/sob
"sye" Emoji Wp/sye
"xas" Modern Kamassian Wp/xas
Tests in the Incubator Plus -
New language tests
Tests described on 10 October 2018 as "Active"
Code Assigned category Code origin English language name Local language name Why rejected? State
ahmt Old Nordic Ahmetian Wikipedia invented no article Eldi Nartiçia Ahmeti no ISO code Active
akb Akubada Wikipedia invented (Code belongs to Batak Angkola) no article マゴダ アクバダ no ISO code Active
ali Alienese Wikipedia invented (Code belongs to Amaimon) Alienese File:Alienese.png no ISO code Active
ae Avestan Wikipedia ISO 639–1 (ISO 639–3 version is ave) Avestan Avestan Historical language Active
art-fy-en Artificial Anglo-Frisian Wikipedia ISO 639–2/5 (art)+ 639–1 (fy)+ 639–1 (en) no article Englisch-Friesch Artificale no ISO code yet Active
avi Avastrian Wikipedia invented (Code belongs to Avikam) None None no ISO Code Active
emph Empherian Wikipedia invented Empherian Emphaerian no ISO code active
en-bos Boston English tag invented no article Bahston no ISO code Active
er Erina Wikipedia invented no article Erina no ISO code Active
eze Eezee Wikipedia invented (Code belongs to Uzekwe) no article Eezee no ISO code Active
eze Eezee Wikiversity invented no article Eezee no ISO code Active
ghd German high democratic Wikipedia ghd is the intended language code for the language earlier used by the people of East Germany no article Deutsch (Ost) no valid ISO code Active
grc Ancient Greek Wikipedia ISO-639-3 Ancient Greek Ἀρχαία ἑλληνικὴ γλῶττα Historical language
Current request
ine Proto-Indo-European Wikipedia neogrammarian reconstruction;
ISO 639–2 collective code
Proto-Indo-European Language Pr̥mo·Sendʰro·U̯erokᵘ̯esi̯om no ISO code;
no native speakers
ira-day Daylami Wiktionary ira= Iranian (ISO 639–2 collective code) + day= Daylami (invented) Daylami language زبان دیلمی no ISO code;
ist Istanbulluan Wikipedia invented (Code belongs to Istriot) None None no ISO code Active
itc Cyrillic Italian Wikipedia ISO 639–5 collective code no article Чириллико Италяно no ISO code Active
ja-rom Romanized Japanese Wikipedia tag invented Romanization of Japanese Rōma ji other Active
jks Kansai Japanese Wikipedia invented Kansai dialect 近畿方言, 関西弁, 上方語, 京阪語 no ISO code Active
ko Korean Sport ISO 639–1 (wg for WikiSport is invented) Korean WikiSport 한국어 위키스포츠 (not in scope for WMF project) Active
kom-lat Ʒońnas-Komi Wikipedia ISO 639–3 macrolanguage code + invented tag no article Ʒońnas Komi no ISO code Active
lanbon test-Vikipedia in Lanbon language invented no article Testvikipedia ad Lanbon no ISO code Active
lay Laybox Wikipedia invented (Code belongs to Lama Bai) no article Импиратарскей йезыг no ISO code Active
ldma Langdemon Wikipedia invented no article Languademon no ISO code active
makk MakkiTa Wikipedia invented no article Makki Ta no ISO code active
mas Mässo Wikipedia invented (Code belongs to Masai) no article Mässo kiel no ISO code yet Active
moq Moqsuvian Wikipedia invented (Code belongs to Mor (Bomberai Peninsula)) no article Moqsuvian no ISO code active
mul Multilingua maternal Wikipedia ISO 639–2 no article Multilingua maternal no ISO code yet Active
ojp Old Japanese Wikipedia ISO-639-3 Old Japanese 擬古文 Historical language Active
ovls East Flemish Wikipedia invented (most probable future ISO-639-6 code) East Flemish Uest-Vloams no ISO code yet active
plat Plātts Wikipedia invented no article Plātt no ISO code active
pox Polabian Wikipedia ISO 639-3 Polabian Wenske, Slüvensťĕ, Vensťĕ Historical language active
prj Pralish Wikipedia invented no article Pralickí jazyk no ISO code yet Active
prs Dari Wikipedia ISO 639-3 Dari language دری Not sufficiently different from Persian
(project is political language split from Persian)
pt-BR Brazilian Portuguese ISO 639-1 + BCP 47 tag Brazilian Portuguese Português Brasileiro not sufficiently different from any other Portuguese Active
ro-old Old Romanian orthography Wikipedia invented tag no article romînă no ISO code active
ru-en invented tag no article Transliteratciya russkogo na latinitcu no ISO code Active
simple Simple English Wikinews Based on WMF practice Basic English Simple English no ISO code active
simple Simple English Wikibooks Based on WMF practice Basic English Simple English Project closed active
skl Singkil Wikipedia invented (Retired code assigned to Selako) Singkil language Basa Singkil no ISO code active
sux-lat Latinized Sumerian Wikipedia invented tag Sumerian language eme-ĝir Historical language Active
wauw Wauwasakka Wikipedia invented no article Haukauosau wauwasakka no ISO code active
we Womese Wikipedia invented no article Womeze no ISO code Active
Tests described on 7 August 2018 as something other than "Active" or "off"
Code Assigned category Code origin English language name Local language name Why rejected? State
bur Burenian invented (Assigned to Burmese as 639–2/B code) no article Burenian no ISO code Semi-active
caf Cafrian invented (Code belongs to Southern Carrier) no article Cäfraci no ISO code semi-active
Pig Latin Pig Latin invented Pig Latin Igpay Atinlay no ISO code Dormant
no article Bahase Melayu Sambas no ISO code
Tests described on 7 August 2018 as "off"
Code Assigned category Code origin English language name Local language name Why rejected? State
absh Akibunshian Wikipedia invented no article no ISO code off
art-li Artificial Limburgish Wiktionary invented no article Mäkkelik Limburgs no ISO code off
bbnt Brabantian Brabantian dialect Brabantian Brabants dialect ISO code = bbnt off
baat Boeraetisk Wikipedia invented no article - invented language Boeraetisk no ISO code off
bgi Bulgarian (Ilinden ortography) Wikipedia invented History of the Bulgarian language Български (Илинденски правопис) no ISO code off
ctwp Ce Tangi Wikipedia invented no article Ce Tangi no ISO code off
ctwp Ce Tangi Wiktionary invented no article Ce Tangi no ISO code off
frn Dûts Wikipedia invented no article Dûts, Francs, Plats no valid ISO code off
gos-li Groningen Limburgs Wikipedia 3 (gos) + 1 (li) no article Mensingewaèrder, Ènrams, Groninger Stadslimburgs no valid ISO code off
hyw Western Armenian Wikipedia invented Western Armenian language Արեւմտահայերէն no ISO code off
id-rabindo Indonesian Rabindo Wikipedia invented no article (ويكيڤيديا بهس اندونيسيا (عرب-اندونيسيا no ISO code off
in Intrekomi Wikipedia invented no article Langáoga Intrekómi no ISO code off
Ivrit Ivrit Wikipedia invented no article Ivrit no ISO code off
ja-ko Hangul Japanese Wikipedia invented no article Hangul Japanese no ISO code off
ms-ar Malay (Jawi) Wikipedia invented Jawi script جاوي‎ no ISO code off
kabg Kabghiyan Wikipedia invented no article Kabghiyän no ISO code off
kabg Kabghiyan Wiktionary invented no article Kabghiyän no ISO code off
lalo Lalo Bosa Wikipedia invented no article Lalo Bosa no ISO code off
ldma Langdemon Wiktionary invented no article Languademon no ISO code off
lb Lebanese Wikipedia invented no article Lebneine no ISO code off
ltr Letorian Wikipedia invented no article Letorian no ISO code off
makk MakkiTa Wiktionary invented no article Makki Ta no ISO code off
morc Morca Wikipedia invented no article Morca no ISO code off
mtl Motolian Wikipedia invented Motolian dialect Мотольскі діалект (мікроязык) no ISO code off
mprv Manipravalam Wikisource Invented Manipravalam Manipravalam no ISO off
naat Namibian Aethic Wikipedia invented no article Namibaatisk no ISO code off
art-nrk Neiriko Wikipedia invented no article Neirikissa no ISO code off
saat South African Aethic Wikipedia invented no article Sudaatisk no ISO code off
x-awenuÿ (awe) Awenuÿ Wikipedia invented no article Template Awe no ISO code off
x-awenuÿ (awe) Awenuÿ Wiktionary invented no article Template Awe no ISO code off
x-awenuÿ (lat) Awenuÿ Wikipedia invented no article Awenuÿ no ISO code off
x-awenuÿ (lat) Awenuÿ Wiktionary invented no article Awenuÿ no ISO code off
Pinyin Pinyin Wikipedia invented no article Hanyu Pinyin no ISO code off
Moldovenească Wikipedia moldovenescă invented no article Graiul moldovenesc no ISO code off
zhr Zahorodian Wikipedia invented no article Загородзкі язык no ISO code off