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Incubator Plus 2.0

Welcome! This wiki is the home of Incubator Plus 2.0, the place to create and host Wikimedia-like projects not eligible to be created on Wikimedia Incubator. It largely replaces the previous Incubator Plus on Wikia, which has become more difficult to use for this purpose as Wikia has evolved into FANDOM.

This project's initial organizers/​sysops/​bureaucrats are OWTB and StevenJ81, who are familiar faces to people who have been active on Wikimedia Incubator. We are being greatly assisted by Revi, who is also a familiar face there, and who knows Miraheze much better than we do.

You may also want to read: Why is there an Incubator Plus?. This provides a little more information on why some projects are not eligible for Wikimedia Incubator projects, and why we are moving Incubator Plus from Wikia to here.

Note: Projects hosted on this wiki are generally not eligible for Wikimedia projects like Wikipedia and Wiktionary. If you think that your project is eligible, or has become eligible, please contact the administrators and we will help you determine that.


  • This website is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF).
  • Any time the volunteers working here are the same people as are working on WMF wikis, including Wikimedia Incubator, they are doing so in purely a volunteer capacity. (That is usually true of their work on WMF projects, as well.)
  • The fact that such volunteers may help people move content from a WMF wiki to here, or occasionally vice versa, is again strictly in a volunteer capacity, and is done for the convenience of other contributors only.
  • Similarly, the fact that the rules and procedures here are (for the most part) consistent with rules on Wikimedia Incubator and other WMF wikis is strictly because (a) the administrators' experience with those rules leads them to believe that they generally make sense, and (b) in order to protect this project from some similar potential legal problems as would face a WMF project. (Biography of living persons and copyright rules are two prominent examples.)
Any suggestions for changing these rules can be discussed on the Community Portal (link pending).


See also: Category:All test languages.

Code Language Wikipedia Wiktionary other projects
"aer" Aeres Wp/aer Wt/aer
"bge" Bengenese Wp/bge
"egy" Egyptian Wp/egy
"emj" Emoji Wp/emj
"emy" Classic Maya Wp/emy
"fim" American Finnish Wp/fim
"fip" Proto-Finnic Wp/fip
"fpr" Proper Finnish (dialect) Wp/fpr
"grl" Goral Wp/grl
"iel" Maakieli Wp/iel
"ine" Proto-Indo-European Wp/ine
"isv" Interslavic Wp/isv
"itl" Itlentec Wt/itl
"ja-classical" Classical Japanese Wp/ja-classical
"juc" Jurchen Wp/juc
"lnc" Lancastrian Wp/lnc
"ltc" Middle Chinese Wp/ltc
"mrc" Marisnic Wp/mrc
"mrj" Merya Wp/mrj
"nas" New Anglo-Saxon Wp/nas Wb/nas
"neu" Neo Wp/neu
"nth" Northumbrian Wp/nth
"och" Old Chinese Wp/och
"ovl" East Flemish Wp/ovl
"pgh" Picksburghese Wp/pgh
"pro" Old Proven├žal Wp/pro
"sat" Satapotsocan Wt/sat
"sazo" Xiangnan Tuhua Wp/sazo
"sfi" Siberian Finnish Wp/sfi
"sob" Southern Ostrobothnian Wp/sob
"tvx" Taivoan Wp/tvx
"txg" Tangut Wp/txg
"xas" Modern Kamassian Wp/xas
"zkt" Khitan Wp/zkt