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This is the place where we are going to develop a project that aims to connect various resources. Language lessons, mainly for kids, but not only.

People contributing to this project:

  • SabineCretella - writing stories + translations
  • Ђорђе Д. Божовић - writing stories + translations (Slavonic languages and some conlangs)
  • Ramir — crazy stories and translation to Russian and English (from Slavonic and Germanic languages). Ah, and pictures.
  • Yaroslav Zolotaryov - translations (Slavonic, Turk and some constructed languages).
  • Daniel. - translations (Portuguese), pictures and (possibly) stories
  • Greeves - Will help where needed. I know English and I am fr-2.

Main Characters[edit]

The Fun Family:

Father: Peter Fun
Age: 34
Mother: Mary Fun
Age: 29
Son: Sam Fun (Samuel Fun)
Age: 8
Daughter: Betty Fun (Elizabeth Fun)
Age: 5
Pet: Trouble (Dog)


Ramir suggests that we involve the extended family, friends and other characters.
You ar right on that one Ramir - at a certain stage we will need that :-) This is just the minimum. I also could write a lot about a parrot and a siamese cat (both quite funny .... they created all sorts of problems: from cutting elictricity wires to sleeping in the washing machine when it got tooo hot :-) --SabineCretella 07:24, 10 July 2006 (UTC)
  • I agree with both of those ideas. Maybe we could also incorporate some sort of moral into the stories, but not make it too obvious. This way, whomever watches it, will understand things that they shouldn't do, without having to thoroughly explain them in the stories. --Troy Spier 19:27, 30 July 2006 (EST)

Story Boards[edit]


Examples of what is fun[edit]