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To make easier we on Incubator Plus maked codes, Incubator Plus codes. Just like ISO codes, but then alpha-4.

List of Codes[edit]

If you want to start a incubator Plus project, please ask a administrator to create a code for you.

  • AERE, Ourish, Aeris
  • AURI, Old Ourisch, Aûrisk
  • ARTL, Artificial Easy Limburgish, Mäkkelik Limburgs
  • AWEA, Awenuÿ Awenuÿ Script, Awenuÿ Awenuÿyiyip
  • AWEL, Awenuÿ Latin Script, Awenuÿ Latinayiyip
  • BAAT, ?, Boeraetisk
  • CODE, reserved
  • CTWP, Ce Tangi, Ce Tangi
  • DEUT, German, Deutsch
  • DSHL, Dime Si Hobimo Language, Dime Si Hobimo
  • ENGL, Standard English, English
  • FRAN, French, Français
  • KABG, Kabghiyan, Kabghiyän
  • LDMA, Langdemon, Languademon
  • MAKK, MakkiTa, Makki Ta
  • NAAT, Namibian Aethic, Namibaatisk
  • NLDA, Artificial Dutch, Nêdrlânts âls Kûnsmâtugu Form
  • SAAT, South Aethic, Sudaatisk