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    This is an official Incubator Plus 2.0 policy.
    You may edit it, but please discuss major changes on the talk page first.

    The deletion policy of Incubator Plus 2.0 allows administrators to immediately delete pages that meet one or more of the criteria for speedy deletion (commonly abbreviated CSD). If you disagree with such a deletion, you can list it at I:RFD. In most cases, it will be immediately undeleted, and then discussed on I:RFD. In some cases (especially G5 and A1 below), the page will be discussed and only undeleted if there is consensus.

    If you want to propose a page for speedy deletion, insert {{Delete|reason ~~~~}} at the top of the page. This places the page in Category:Maintenance:Delete.


    1. No meaningful content or history: This includes test edits (e.g., "asdf" or "Can I really create a page here?"), obvious nonsense, legitimately blanked pages. Vandalism, personal attacks and hoaxes are also included in this category.
      Pages with meaningful content or history cannot be speedily deleted. Ordinarily edits that are vandalism should simply be reverted. Edits requiring revision deletion should be brought to the attention of the administrators, either at I:AN or by email if there is a privacy issue involved.
    2. Reposted content previously deleted according to this deletion policy, unless it was significantly rewritten in a manner that calls into question the deletion reason.
    3. Banned contributor: content created and edited solely by a banned user after they were banned, where there is possibility of bad faith. Good contributions by a banned user should be accepted, but where bad faith is possible it should be assumed. Note that this is a controversial clause, and such deletions may be contested.
    4. Redundant: A page that is identical to another, with no significant differences between them.
    5. Copyright infringement: Content which is a clear and proven copyright violation, or content previously deleted as a copyright violation. More questionable cases should be brought to I:RFD.
      Important note: Content copied in from Wikimedia projects and other places with CC BY licensing is considered a copyvio if there is no attribution of the source. If you wish to bring a large amount of content here, it is best to ask an administrator to import it, as importing always incorporates proper attribution. If we discover a large quantity of this material, we will try to work with you to repair the attribution problem. If we cannot do so, that material is subject to deletion.
    6. Author's request: Deletion per request of the author, if the author is the only significant contributor, the request is not in bad faith, and the content is not to the benefit of this wiki.
    7. Advertising and promotion are not permitted here.
    8. Pages clearly irrelevant to this community, unless they have a known and definable historical context.


    1. Biographies of living persons violations. See wikipedia:WP:BLP for details. While the nature of Incubator Plus allows us to be more lenient than Wikimedia wikis on a number of rules, we will enforce this rule every bit as strictly as Wikipedia and its sister projects do.
    2. Severe violations of project rules such that a page would likely be speedily deleted on its corresponding Wikimedia project (Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and so forth).
      • Generally, each test community will be the judge of this for itself. However, if the corresponding Wikimedia project would probably discuss the deletion rather than speedily deleting, the community here should do the same. The administrators prefer not to intervene in these matters, but reserve the right to do so if necessary. This is especially true of content that is biased,* fringe, speculative, or gratuitously offensive.
      * – The corresponding Wikimedia rules apply. For encyclopedia and news projects, the neutral point of view rules from Wikipedia or Wikinews would apply. But bias rules on other types of projects can be different. For example, see Wikivoyage's "Be fair".

    User space[edit]

    1. User request within own user space. This does not apply to user talk pages, unless the only material contributors are the user himself/herself or a welcoming message.
    2. Pages of a non-existent user.


    1. Trivial deletions (also known as "housekeeping" deletions) that are highly unlikely to be controversial (such as in preparation for a page move or history merge).
    2. Unneeded or broken redirects that do not have a serious edit history.
      • One should try to fix broken redirects whenever possible, of course. Apparently unneeded redirects with a substantial edit history should be kept. Please remember that redirects are cheap.
    3. Unneeded talk: a discussion page for deleted or non-existent content. Note that sometimes user talk pages must be retained even if the user's page has been deleted.
    4. Categories empty for at least a week.

    General notes[edit]

    • For certain speedy deletion situations—particularly many M1 and M2 deletions where the problem is simply a matter of a misnamed or misspelled page title, the administrators expect to be able to find the original content somewhere. Please include a link to the moved content in the {{delete}} template. We will likely not delete pages if we cannot find the original content.
    • Pages cannot be speedy-deleted as long as other pages link to them. Please modify all incoming links before requesting speedy deletion; otherwise, simply leave the original page as a redirect. (Note: This rule doesn't always apply to incoming links from discussion pages and similar administrative pages, if the discussion is already settled.)