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Topic: Learn the Eezee Language[edit]

Eezee is an international auxiliary language (aux lang) that is easy to learn and easy to use. It's completely compatiable with spoken English, and recognizable to English readers. Those fluent in English can learn Eezee in a few minutes. If you don't know any English, Eezee could be an easy stepping stone or a destination.


  • Eezee for English speakers - spend a few minutes and learn a new way to communicate.
  • Eezee as a second language (ZSL) - [ESP] Si usted quiere aprender Inglés, pero les resulta difícil, trate de Eezee. Es compatible con Inglés, pero mucho más fácil de aprender. [FR] Si vous souhaitez apprendre l'anglais, mais mal, essayez Eezee. Il est compatible avec l'anglais, mais plus facile à apprendre.