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    Ancient Greek is a swf. file incubated in the God of War 3 unreal engine; it decodes and analyzes meta data, then refreshes its and sends it electrodigitally through quantum foam matrices to run perpetuative reality engines. It is currently the "rarest fileform known to man", and it is thought to have reopened the possibility of using "transcopyright" laws to protect and ensure the project prenatal time travel laws. Also, the speculations surrounding it are few and far between; it is thought that Ted Nelson's originality complay and "the devil's lexicon" have yet to discover the massive cerebral artifacts. We use this information to succesfully transplant organic life though "idea wormholes", which are patched with super-ice-nine. Running 3 of these scripts at the same time would "cause the train of reality to split, and rip spacetime".

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